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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

thank god i only have rm60 in my bank

1. i love roaches
2. i dislike Manchester United
3. I support Liverpool now
4. I deleted my elynnzo WoW character
5. my fyp is 80% done
6. I love beaches and bitches
7. I'm gonna delete my myspace
8. I never believe in love at the first sight
9. I hate badboys
10. I no longer in love with Draco Malfoy
11. Gaming is no longer my hobby
12. I will go to class from now on

Happy April Fool Day
dont get fooled easily. 


surfing online boutique or thread is NOT GOOD.
they can make you click cimbclicks easily, transfer fund just like that 
and make you wait for another 3 days max for your item to arrive.

if the item suck ass, 
you'll be bengang
and surf again...
for more other stuff.

and cimbclicks again.


today i bought a kimono top. 
only cost me Rm32 including shipping.
and /point to my title, 
nasib baik ade rm60 je. kalau tak..


  1. April fool kot
    mmg forever ah die hard fan MU!

  2. there's 30% truth in every lies you tell.
    that's what people say.
    so i guess some of the things u listed down are true in some way :)

  3. Based on No2, no4, no10 and no11, i know damn well theyre all 100% lies. or 110%!

    xD but i guess you might be right for some other cases. not on April Fool day List tho. I did it on purpose. so it doesnt count. lol