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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ala dah balik kl

mama & I on first day of raya

raya this time was fun!
less duit raya but still fun. heres my raya tidbits II

- despite having fun raya-ing, and seeing relatives, relatives' sons, relatives' cute sons - tidak mengira umur, we still managed to watch Man Utd vs Man City at Kedai Mamak.
- Kedai mamak paling maju di dunia. Why? because,
- kedai mamak tu ade 1) minimart dlm kedai mamak
2) taman kanak-kanak (ada buaian gelongsor semua)
3) more than four 23" tv and one big screeeeeeen
4) ade their own travel agency (yes they can purchase Air Asia tix)
5) wifi
7) open air area, indoor, indoor with aircond
8) tactic menarik
- tactic menarik why?
cos time game, they'd (probably ni bukan purposely hahah tapi still) on/off the screen so that we have time to EAT and order more bile makanan dah abes? lol thats what abah thinks lah.

ok..enough about the mamaks.

- kuih oat nenek = ppl's choice for fav kuih raya.
- also, i love the bahulu and kerepeks kak syafa :D
- 2nd day pergi this one BIG family gathering..where my tok ayah and his three older siblings = tetamu khas = the oldest in the family yang still alive. tok ayah talked to us all about our families. keturunan2 semua tu dulu.
- third day of raya pergi PENANG! woohoo. went to gurney plaza + batu feringgi.

gurney plaza = awesome >
bt fringgi toksah cakap la. we spent about rm70 (series)+rm60(movies)+rm40(songs) for dvds only. sana only rm4 each cd. and buy 5 free 1 :D


before that we ate at .. gurney nye roundabout dpn mcd tu? famous place for streetfoods?
nampak s.m salim n family tgh makan jugak.

the next day = balek KL day. :'(
gonna miss mak tok and tok ayah. hopefully they'll come to KL again.
i drove back home for 7hours!!


  1. Dah keja mana bole mintak duit raya dah....

  2. mane de keje dah >< ahaha. jay nak duettt rayaa~

  3. i miss ur mum!lame x nmpk, n of coz i miss u too :)