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Thursday, September 17, 2009

hang nak mai habaq awai2 dulu naa

my raya tidbits
baju kurung - blue kaler
baju kebaya - red/black
1st day till 3rd day of raya - in Kulim Kedah
2nd day of raya - Having this GREAT family gathering
Nak jalan-jalan dkt penang!
Lepas2 tu : in KL - nak datang habaq mai naa :)
expecting : loads of duit raya! x kira la dah tua ka apa ka.
also expecting : an invite for YOUR open house. LOL tak malu gile
openhouse: not sure yet. but the house is still open for friends to come by anytime
kad raya: sorry, i used to be so rajen hantar-ing kad raya.
kuih raya: tak buat sendiri
kek raya: hmm, most probably will try make one :D


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