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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

encore for teh win!

latest news,

apek & olese surprised us all with a new look of Encore guild website :D
on one tuesday night. (last tuesday eh?)

well.. cough*, actually tuesday's maintanance day is MADE for the wowers to take a few hours break from WoW and live life as the way we should (movies, watching tvs/porn, go out, shisha-ing, or even, saying HI to the family members after 6days of N
OT teguring each other - ok ni saiko la kan but yeah.) thats the point of hari selasa, cuti day by blizzard! its like public holiday. no WOW day


they chose to spend their time with the addictive threeletters word, WOW, still.
dengan itu, muncullah rupa baru website Encore! wooho
terima kasih. post ini adalah semata-mata untuk menceritakan kesemangatan kekorangan terhadap kewowan.

visit lah Encore - guild for real friends, for the love of wow and for me.

Encore = Supremacy.


btw, made a siggy for Encore Forum, agak tahpape but well, at least I have one. Belakang tu bukan sword. but yeah, patut try lukis mcm Staff ke.. Dagger ke.. :P

and ni Supremacy punya siggy dulu-dulu :P Rindulah :(


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