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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My first AirBnb experience

Ok, I didnt get paid for this (tho I wish!) There's a reason for everything, I promise!

So have you heard of AirBnb? 

If you are a frequent traveller you should totally try this out. Not only this website provide the best place to stay according to your budget (be it affordable or luxurious), each listing is actually someone else's home! They might have extra rooms, or they could also rent out the whole place for you. I'd recommend those who are tired of staying in the same ol' hotel environment, and to those looking for more privacy than hostels (at hostels rate especially when you travel in group). Lagi ramai lagi murah sebab boleh share. To get your first booking credit, register la account sini. 

When I first travelled to London two years back (with Fariz and his Motiofixo partners + their wives), they booked us a 3-room apartment located right in the city of London. Its a pretty sophisticated neighbourhood I can say. This home is my first AirBnb experience and we had a pleasant stay. The hosts waited for us and showed us around. They provided us a pair of clean towels, shower gels, shampoos and chocolates in each room! Macam hotel tapi hotel takat gitu-gitu je kan?

Albany Mansion, Battersea - London

Tapi, there's more to that. AirBnb allows us to know our hosts in an interesting way (of course, we try not peek on their belongings). The house we lived in is actually owned by a group of friends who each has their own house elsewhere. Ni macam their second home la kiranya. 

In the kitchen, we can see that a lot of recipe books, spices & cookwares (that only these people can afford..sobs) . So, when I was busy checking out the recipe books, I stumbled upon some written notes on some of the pages. They're actually recommendations and little notes on some recipes (they even have ideas for Malaysian recipes!) For me, thats a pretty cool thing to do. Rasa menarik sangat especially knowing that she has tried making Nasi Lemak :) 

But be very cautious, jangan memandai book especially when its your first time booking. Make sure the listing is located exactly where its supposed to be at. Communications between you and the host is very important. Check on his/her reviews. Here are some other tips for you to check on. Happy booking! 

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