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Friday, June 4, 2010

drama drama

I might not know you but pfffts, stop blogging something that would hurt my friend in any way. You're lucky that you have a friend that would actually call her for your own sake. I somehow respect your friend more than i respect you.

(i think you should have called her yourself but then again. nevermind. you wouldnt understand)

i know youre playing the "sympathy" game.
the "ah i love my friends they are all here for me and u remind me how lucky i am" game.

please lah.
trying to make yourself look so innocent eh?
ha ha.

shes also a very lucky girl to have her friends around her.
and the heart is now broken thanks to you and what you did. (perhaps what he did to her more)

she did what your friend requested her to do (but i still think neera shouldnt have deleted anything. its not like you'd give a damn right.)
u can make her stop posting but u surely cant stop me from posting anything about this.
hah! (i feel so macho!!)

ah well.
you can never know how she feel right now. never.
that is why the least you could do is show her some respect.

behave girl.
youre only 20.

i am here for Neera. and i'll be on her side no matter what.

Neera! Love you loads. You deserve better! (even your friend said so Miss Cherrie)

self note : as much as i tried hard not to get involved in any drama, i just cant stand it when people do not show respect to my friend and make this as tho its my friend's fault.

so yeah. this is special case. :P

now now.. how do i make her read this?


  1. Sayang, thank you so much for the post. I know I am much luckier to have you girls and Afiq. Nothing is more important than y'all.

    So.. moving one step forward?
    I will be back. Thanks for the supports.

    I love you guys so so much! ;*

  2. aww no problem sayang :)
    mesti lah u lucky to have us as friends! pffts! hahaha

    be back yeah! miss you already!
    love you too mwahss!

  3. yes good job elynn!

    padan muka budak sg wang yg pendek tak comel perampas tu. hahaha

  4. sungai wang? pendek? tak comel? i ke?

  5. u sg wang ke?
    randomness 1) sgwang on weekdays. ada bran?

  6. gooo elynn goooooooo! kalo ada gaduh panggil abg. abg bleh settle kan. LOL! :P