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Thursday, April 30, 2009

nak ke tak ke nak ke tak ke nak

should i go to singapore? :(
i wanna go. but balik on monday. lambat kot T__T. but make sense ah.
takkan nak balik sunday if we go on saturday pon kan.
its gonna be funnnnnn T___T mak usu ada, ibuteh ade, nenek pon ade.
my bro and my sis pon ade..



Random word of the day is Change.

People always make a big fuss over things/people that have changed.
Changing in.. personality perhaps?
sometimes, before pointing out that this fella have changed ke ape, you need to look yourself in the mirror first lah.

if they have changed..
havent you?

but anyways. semua orang berubah. its either for the better or the other way round.
or just neutral. (like he used to like McChicken and now he loves Fillet o Fish) Neutral ah tu kan?
ok la...amik more make sense punya contoh..
berubah from rajin sapu sampah to rajin mop lantai tapi dah tak sapu sampah. 

and some people might have changed in a different way. Like changing in perception, opinions, views.. or how they see in people. 

Like, before knowing her, he thought shes a real snob. 
Like Jack. after seeing Jane's supersedih condition, he thought she might be the right side. Especially when Bobby seems to be enjoying his life. Partying etc. 

What jack doesnt know is, theres always the possibility that, Jane acts that way cos shes regretting what she did to Bobby. And Bobby is just trying to move on with his life, forgetting everything. 

that brings to..(takde kaitan ngan jack jane bobby)
a change in heart.

He used to love her. and now hes not sure. Maybe its not meant to be. 
Maybe its gone sour.
No more spark. 
Maybe its him. Hes an asshole
Maybe its her. Shes a biaaatch
Maybe its not any of them!!
Maybe its just not meant to be. 

so Have I changed? 
I dont know. I think so? 
but I cant really see any changes. any major changes. 
yet xD

I need to sleep T_T I'm sleeeeeepy
Was in Naxxramas. Wiped dkt boss yang kasi mutation injection pe jadah tu. ffffaaak that bosss! 
But it was kinda fun. that was only my third naxx. ><>
Thank you Slim, Keto & Encore. For bawak-ing sucha noob like me. Always die early. :(

okok. Enuff about WoW. 


  1. Hahaha sian elynn sangkut kat grobulus..i dulu pun fobia kot boss tu..dah ler rupa buruk =.=

  2. mmg T_T
    tp u x main la naxx dah :D

  3. die early dalam naxx ?
    kuat sgt burst ni ...
    tak control aggro.

  4. omg Im . u sesat sni. hahaha.
    mana ade. i nye health 14k je. xberjaya menampung damage. eceh

  5. i pn ade je blog.
    tapi malas nk hotlink kan.
    14k ? eerrr ....buat2 lah pegi farm pls...haha!xD