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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the show is a joke. really

Ive been following Australia's Next Top Model every season, especially season 3 and 4. 
Jodhi Meares was the host ( they had someone else before, and LUCKILY someone else after).

The only good thing about Aus Next Top Model is their photoshoot. Judging sucks. ( In season 3 & 4) . Jodhi's favouritism was so obvious in both cycles. In Season 3, She dragged this notsogood Steph H into final 2 on the live final episode you can see how frustrated Jodhi was when every other judges kept on choosing Alice (the another finalist) instead of her own Steph H. 

In cycle 4, She refused to see any mistakes done by her favorite girl, Demelza & she even called her name first when she had the most fucked up picture of all. 

There has been controversy about a certain favouritism by the show's host, with many fans on the FOX8 website expressing their opinions about Meares was being extremely biased towards Reveley

and some prove to show how much Demelza suck
Despite winning the competition, Vogue editor, Kirstie Clements stated that Demelza is not ready to appear on the cover of Vogue and Australia's Next Top Model judge, Charlotte Dawson, agreed. Dawson said that "Alice was ready to rock... she was very sophisticated and worldly; Demelza is not, she's a pretty young girl

Sigh. Its more like a Jodhi's Next Top Model show. Not Australian Next Top Model. 
I have yet to watch the final ep of Cycle 4 - Malas pon nak tengok. But i heard Jodhi didnt show up for the final ep (Hmm... ni yg rasa nak tengok) and guess what, her vote didnt count. Its her last cycle anyways. I guess the producer cant take all the critiscm from everyone on her lack of profesionalism in judging. I wonder who will be the next host. ^^ '

to watch, just youtube australia's next top model cycle 3 & 4 :) then you'll see.


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