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Monday, January 18, 2010

rain rain go away

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me too bebeh :)
i cant wait! i am super excited. maybe cos this is going to be my first time visiting Australia ^^ i just want to see what its like. haha. and this would be my second time travelling dengan kawan just not in a big group lah.. Its just going to be Shee & I. Thanks sayang sebab you spontaneously beli tiket the day after I tanye. Haha. You memang sempoi. Hahahha.

anyways the plan is,
pegi sana. den Apek amek :P sebab we'll be staying over at Apek's house (janganlah dia lupa. please jangan lupa kami. pls pls) for the whole two weeks (unless he decided on day one that the two of us are going to be the troublesome duo ke ape ... hmmmmmmmm)

ok thats all i know. i am still unsure what to do for the whole two weeks. we'll see lah. perhaps Shee and I would just hentam keromo nak buat apa :D Tanak susahkan apek sangat. Dia ade class and all. Ecece Tanak susahkan lah sangat. Heh. Moi ass.

i also already have my own travelbook, i got it a year back. and I was thinking of using this for a Paris trip ke ape. Tapi, pergilah sangatttttt. Hahaha. So, yeah, if rajin, nak try buat macam mamat ni. :D tapi..

buku ini mungkin akan kosong dari awal hingga akhir

i'm still so pissed off dgn kastam. I dont know why would they keep our stuff for almost 10days dah. we only shipped a few bags, tops and skirts! takkan tu pun kene bayar duit. so today i tried calling pos malaysia again.

we talked and i explained whats in the box etc, and the kakak helped me sent a report or something and now i have for a phone call in a day or two.

so sekarang, if tibe-tibe kene bayar tax.
kene bersedia untuk tidak perlu bayar tax.
bukan bende ni kadang-kadang ikut budi bicara ke? :D

nak study pasal shipment2 ni jap dekat lowyat.
good luck to us! nah sneak peek barang baru dari Petite Lass .

cerita lain :
i just checked my result. ada happy ada boleeeela.
nah video final year project.

Product: Cupcakes
Brand: Cuppacakes by Wondermilk
Tagline: Exquisite EdibleArt (art unik yang boleh dimakan - lol )

uh. quality sucks once uploaded here. soo...
song by: playradioplay , fairytale

i got A- for my FYP - which is unexpected.. heh.
and C... for my ghazal. padan muka kau elin. sapa suruh selalu ponteng class. sape suruh tak pergi 1 exam. Hahahah. dapat C pon kira bersyukur. XD

yang penting
ive finally graduateddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!
syukur Alhamdulillah!
oh lala!


  1. haha i baru nk update psl melbourne jugakk! hehehe

    FYP u best gler mmg layak dapat A :D congratss sayang~ best gler da abes.

  2. dear nice video!! weyh jgn lupakan I kat melben nantiiii.kirim mat saleh sorg? hauhuahua joking ;D

    Congrats you dah abes mmu! oh kastam buat lambat sampai barang kite yeh? wutta fish? nak kene pukul laju laju nih.

  3. @shee

    hahaha. thanks. tp mmg x espek kot.dah la i present cam tahi XD


    thx neera :) mat salleh sorang?? oklaa. alang2 ktorang nak bwk balek 2..bwk jela lagi 1 utk u k? :)

    yeah barang kat kastam oo. ni tgh tunggu status balik. :(

  4. hahahaha yeahh bawak balik mat saleh :p btw, buku travelling tu kite buat tapi penuh dgn gmbr ok? :p haha

  5. congratulations for graduating =) at least one big thing in your life is done.

    i love the video!!

    now i'm into girls yang creative macam ni. u ade hot frens like that x? :D

  6. thank yooooou ariff :)
    haha yeah. i'll miss college life tho ;/ haishh.

    hahahah suddenly ure into creative girls eh! chehh. nak hot hot pulak tu. hissh. choosy!

  7. of course la. i pergi gym 3 times a week for the hot girls la! :P

  8. ahahhahah! omggg lol. mane hot girls?! ape kate u secretly take pictures of them next time. nak tgk sikit.

  9. no. i mean i'm trying to have this great figure so that i could get hot girls :D

    i pegi gym pagi2 so usually the gym is empty.

  10. oohhhh sorry2! cos some of my friends pergi gym for the hot girls. ahhahah. tahts what they said la. as in byk chikas pegi gym so dorang smangat pegi gym xD

    but no worries la. i think ure gonna get a hawt one, one day. hahaha. but tak tengok u botak lagi so i dont know. :P nvm im sure some hotgirls dig botakheads :D


  11. now botak because i nak bertapa dalam gua. kejap je ni.. ahaha.

    nantilah i restyle balik my hair. haish. sounds girlish pula.

    sorry i buat ur blogpost ni jadi tempat chat pula.