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Sunday, January 17, 2010

the shopping clicks

when was the last time i went shopping at the mall?
i cant even remember.

well, probably not since the introduction of the blogshops - blogshops? they are the blogs that sells stuff - which seems to be a buzz in Malaysia ever since.. uhh, a year back? well you can say blogshopping is now a trend in Malaysia. They even have their own fans (you know, those people that actually check for updates everyday just to get their hands on some limited stuff by the blogshops)

why take a risk blogshopping?
the only risk you are taking is when the item doesnt really fit or suit you.
which sucks. i know. ive been there.

but fret not!

you can always, ALWAYS resell them back on these sites:

If you're in luck, you can even find the things that are sold out in your fav blogshops here!
Tu pon kalau you dont mind wearing used items.

But then again, most of us blogshoppers ada satu persamaan :P and that is when you 'impulse purchase' as shopping online is madly easy, click-click tibe2 dah beli. Everything is spontaenous so we tend to buy things we dont need. OR we thought we could handle the style and when we got it, we tried it on, we were wrong. pffts.

Basically, the items in these two sites are mostly new and only worn for trying purpose. and the best thing is, you can get them cheaper than the original blogshops! boleh nego lagi.

Macam banyak gila je blogshops. I dont know where to start!

Heh. Memang pun. But no worries. We have our own guardian angels :D You can always visit Diary Addictions or Your Shopping Kaki and see what they say. These two sites reviews blogshops and usually they would post up updated items from selected blogs!

ahh, that is why for somene like me,

1. pemalas kuar rumah
2. malas bayar parking mahal (wey, rm15 kot kat pavilion. gila apa)

blogshopping is awesome!

theyre very in trend. they sell similar things like those things in Topshop or Zara or Pull & Bear - at a way cheaper price. Come on, Rm68 for a quality Washed Jeans? Rm 62 for a superb quality blazer? Its only possible online!! Some items are limited tho, so you have to be quick ^^

and guess what? i found the exact same blazer for a cheaper price. i think its impulse purchased :P

ahh, I cant wait to get my item from Honey Pumpkin :)

on the other hand,
Our Petite Lass blogshop will be updated soon! (once we get the stuff lah) :D

one 1 design per item. if u buy a bag there. you are the only person with that bag. and no one else. :P special takkk :D


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