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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

love note :D

my dear friend, farra muneera

she's a great person, a nice lady
this kind of a lady, is not someone you can meet easily :)
she thinks too much of other people than herself
she works her ass off her grades, and for her family

shes having a tough time and i hate to see that.

remember my friend,
broken wings are not useless, because they still hold the memories of being able to fly.
so just remember
when you dont think its not worth it,
just live live happy.

this might be your time to feel sorrow and lonely, sad & unhappy
but you still have your friends around you,
come on farra muneera!!
take this as another life journey, take this challenge in life
and hold your head high!
the glorious day awaits you one day! (cam nak pegi battle ape la plak)

we love you!


  1. Omg Elynnn... Thank you so muchh. I nak nangis... love you all soo much! ;(

    I will be happy, i promise.

  2. setuju!be happy neera, feeling sorrow and lonely wont help.

    even though baru kenal, well,
    im here too!


  3. see seee. u nk berhibur u ade kitorg yg bole hiburkan. irwan bole nyanyi, elynn boleh menari, nue bole bercerita, i errr i i errr jadi teddy bear bg u hug. ehehehe

  4. tq!!!!!!!!!!! i leb leb y'all soooooo muchhh!!! ;* ;*