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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

peluang untuk mencari teman lama

Ever thought of finding someone you knew yearrrs back?
Your old crush, your childhood friends, your pre-school teacher.
Your maid. Or maybe..
Your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, that was best to ignore until one of you finally matured enough to reconcile.
Your neighbour's cousin's best friend.
Your mIRC friends. ( hi @emaneous! )
Ok sape-sape pon lah.

Facebook isnt the only place to look for them.
Sebab mungkin Cik Siti Amalina* (jiran yang you suka dulu) tak main facebook kerana masih tidak dapat meninggalkan myspace profilenya.

Jom try Whoozy :)

1. type nama beliau :D

2. tengok result.
p/s dalam dunia ni ada 1 je Nuur Ellina ;) bangga ni.
tapi eh? myspace i ada kott! wth!

3. tekanla kat result :D tadaaaa


  1. Nanti melekat macam melekat terhadap FB, camna? Susah ni... aish, semakin hari semakin takda life.