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Thursday, June 3, 2010

this is yayaya yippie yayey!

this might be a little late but
i would like to thank ariff shah for listing me in

its awesome and humbling to be alongside Miss Zuriani Yusof, Sue Anna Joe, Edriena Hazelina, Liyana Lunia, Susu Dalam Botol and Ailyl Rozanna :D Now I have more interesting blogs to stalk yay!

So thank you again Ariff! I appreciate it alot! :D :D


  1. So cute!! Haha ske gile gambar elynn surprised. Mcm kne msk dlm rancangan wakenabeb haha

  2. omg skin. kate la yang buruk tu hahahahhahaha demit.

  3. balik nanti i blanje u nasik lemak k ariff :)