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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


my birthday surprise @ pwtc youth'10 festival

Honest to God. I didnt expect it. at all. As we were so busy with the bazaar and all so ..
yeah. however these people had something else in mind. they wanted to make this.. uh.. Big and Happening. they twitted and spam #youth10 declaring its my birthday etc. they managed to get more goodie bags than everyone else there. they made JFK gave me a ring and put me on air in the radio (and i totally terlupa about this ok. sebab smalamnye tu bila shee ckp i macam rasa tanak angkat fon)

pendek kata

they were amazing.
all thanks to the mastermind behind all this crazyness = shee ! love you loads

and also i'd like to thank Aboya, Saki, Neera, Jepun, Aqim, Ecah, Noa, Ayya, Dynat, Skin, Fariz, Mein, Ajinda, Faliq, Bob, Anyss, Eman, Diy, Masen, Jayzuan, Ro, Alysha, Elle, Syaza, Hidhir & Gf, Jibin & Que ahhh everyonelah yang berada di situ :)

thanks thanks thanks again i love all of. mwahs mwahs!
and thanks for the birthday presents, and birthday wishes from everyone via sms facebook and twitter.

the next day jugak mama belikan another secret recipe cake kat rumah :)
love my family love my friends
so yeah happy 23rd for me. finally i managed to say that myself.

p.s will show off my birthday presents later.

ehem ehem.


  1. Ceh sampai sudah tak dapat kek tu!!

  2. hahaha aritu suh amik kek tanak.

    ure welcomeeeee sayangg! <3 lenkali kalau org ajak lepak tu ikut je jgn degil :p

  3. Dah tua-tua ni, ada sket malu. Kikiki.