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Friday, May 2, 2014

Manchester United and the new Gaffer

Manchester United. 
The next manager would be someone who has achieved too many, but hungry for more. One that will risk his status from a hero, to possibly none, or perhaps, to a legendary. As much as I love Giggsy and the Class of 92, I'd love Man United to have one that is solid & experienced. One that will own the dressing room and the players will respect. One that knows Man United is about winning & building history. 

One thing for sure, passionate managers are proud men. They want to be the one. They would call themselves heroes. They want to be respected.

Manchester United is a big club. I'm confident the next one will change things and bring us back to glory. He isnt afraid. He's a risk taker. He knows he'll be dealing with pressure. The entire world is watching his every step. He will be overshadowed by Sir Alex Ferguson's saga, be compared to Ryan Giggs, or be dragged down with Moyes. But this is an opportunity to manage Manchester United!! A club so big that its freaking nuts to say no to. Am I right or am I so damn right?! 

Hello, Louis van Gaal? If its not you, its still someone who's brave and bright enough to take the managerial role. So I do not mind. 

Glory Glory Manchester United.