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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fotokopiku punya

we fotokopi bags - is an idea for someone like me, who wants to look good in branded bags but (kesian) sometimes, even when we DO have the money, the ca$h would be more benefial for something else (like, 10pcs of tops) or a blackberry curve *ehems, or perhaps..some of us have to invest ca$h for little businesses

and "we fotokopi bags" - is not the replicas you can find in Petaling Street, where 1 pcs of LV / Coach bags = Rm100 (or Rm20) . those are probably Grade C?

Some might say its too expensive for a replica. But hey, ever been to Mangga Dua mall? They have replicas from Grade C? sampai grade AAA+++

and trust me, they sell at higher price than I am.

and if they are way cheaper for a good replicas, then lucky you :D cos if Rm700+ replicas, u might as well add another Rm500+ for an authentic one :D

since this is a pre-order bags, imported. i assure you 100% money back if they happen to NOT have the stock in hand when youve already made the payment. (or you can choose other bags that are available lah.)

however, no refundable or returnable item allowed if the bag is available. hoho u know the drill.
and gimme minimum of 1 week -> 2 weeks for the item to finally arrived in Malaysia. when its here, we can talk about shipping or COD :D

anyways do visit Fotokopiku :D


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