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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

fly money fly

hello there!
received my parcel today :) got myself a nice black tube for only Rm25 *which includes postage so its cheap. If keluar shopping might cost me mooorre. Rm10? for minyak kerete / tol, Rm12 for makan (keluar for sure makan etc) Rm5 for parking, and proly a simple tube like this might be around Rm40+? paling koro la tu. And maybe, if I see more awesome stuffs = Bye Bye $$. So total if keluar =
Rm67. Compare Rm25 and Rm67.. Hugeeeeee diff.

Anyways this one is from Shoppingcritique's Readers Request section. Where people buy/sell stuff they regret (lol jk*) or when they buy when not needed (like me). Or also when they buy good stuff, tried it on ..and oops.. x muat. So most items are brand new / branded and preloved. If you have any good things to sell pon boleh pegi situ. She can help you sell em. 

And I just ordered a wedges from Orange Little - They are having massive clearance right now ( 10% discount / Rm10 reduce + 5% more discount if you pay the same day you order) and PLUS, they are nice O_O 

Bakal milikku - Rachel. 

Actually I wanted to buy something else from a different blogspot. The price is about the same - Rm 55 w/o postage. I think it was a fringe. But then again. I dont wear Heels (at all. I have like one or two before for raya and thats it) Perhaps I can walk in nothing more than 3.5inch and thats it. Tu pon i'd rather jalan-jalan dengan flip flop. (Some friends know how clumsy I am so wearing anything but flats = risky!) So yeah Rm10 Flip Flops FTW. I still dont know why I bought this one tho. Maybe I think its time. To actually buy footwear ~___~ Something I never even bother before.  Ahhhhh how I wish to have the confidence to walk in heels :( 

and be more ladylike.
geez. I cant even wear skirts. stupid bedbugsbite. BILA KAU NAK HILANG!! 

oh yeah this one = Rm60 inc shipping (also after all the crazy discount). 

ah btw, still tgh buat ASSignment. dude i cant wait for this to be over!


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