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Friday, May 8, 2009

kecairan terserlah

ok.. found yet another awesome reality show.
good for the eyes!!  
lets 'Make me a Supermodel' and watch hawt boys and girls (bleh!) competing to be THE Supermodel. Its almost like Americas Next Top Model, just that the Judges can only pick 3 bottom three and the decision will be made by Americans. And theres no Tyra for dramatic intro whatsoever. :P You can watch it in Youtube. Baru sedar, youtube now ade macam-macam reality shows. 

p.s Guess what, I havent started in my FYP progress yet . Seeing ppl's ym status made me @@. Yet I'm still malas-malas. And Still a little down by the previous presentation. Its like ive totally given up. >.>"

Like, theyre gonna hate it even if i fix that darn thing. 

~___~ whatever. Guess they're gonna kenakan me by giving me F nanti ~___~  JUST LET ME GO! Lol


  1. nvm la. if you dont to do the fyp, then let it fail. fyp only, why so serious? :D

  2. aish dont say that.
    i might as well do that. hahahaa