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Monday, June 8, 2009

say hello to Kulkith

i cant wait for my Kulkith :D

comel tak? very unique isnt it. Ive never seen such cute shoes like this one. Seriously, its so awesomely comel so I decided to order a pair and see if I look good in Kulkith. :D Since I was told earlier by Agnes (the owner of Kulkith - and shes from Bandung, Indonesia) that the shipping cost might doubled the price itself, so I asked her to send em to Aunt Eliza's house in Jakarta. Total including shipping to Jakarta only like Rp 200 000 :D But later on, Agnes double checked the shipping price to Malaysia and its only tambah Rm30. tapi dah terlambat. already banked in Rp200 000. What can do. but cheaper lah. just longer :( cos tak tau bile nak pergi Indonesia. Hopefully abah and mama pergi Indo :D (or even.. ME) hoho.

When I showed Kulkith to Abah, hes also very kagum dgn Kulkith. And hes like

"why dont you propose a business plan dgn Kulkith? try bwk Kulkith datang Malaysia etc2 but still promote it as Agnes' creation"

which is an awesomeee ideaaa. I might try talk to Agnes later. XD

Check out their Friendster profile. They have loads of other stuff like sandals, hoodies etc.


  1. hello, there:)
    i came across ur blog when i googled kulkith. how do i make orders? do email me at audreykhocs@gmail.com
    hope to hear from you soon! thanks.

  2. Hello :D i already sent u an email. pls check ya. ~