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Sunday, August 2, 2009

peeps, say hello to petite-lass

yay, finally!
shee suggested the name, and we love it.
for now, we have a few comel2 highwaisted skirts and some dresses!
more will come, that we promise you!
we might even open up a section of our own preloved items, (or perhaps, vintage corner) and so on just to feed you guys moaaar with awesome posem items!

do visit our blogshop and sprrreaaad the loveee to everyone you know (even guys!)
girls, get one for yourself :D
friends, buy them as graduation gifts! (dont give ur girlfriends a journal or a notebook!)
or for any occasion at all
boyfriends, get them for your girls!
adik-adik, beli lah untuk kakak-kakak
aunt/uncle, beli lah untuk anak-anak, atau anak sedara, atau anak jiran yang baru menyambut hari lahir.

haffun online shopping!

1 comment:

  1. ahahaha niceee :D
    sila sila copy logo tuh. last minute buat. cincai jer. haha :p tp da letak kat blog petite lass ;)