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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

quickies before i sambung main game

im missing my own darn blog.
well a quickie, telling you people whats up

1. i work part time @ cupcake chic pavilion
some of u might be surprised. but dude, i need $$, maybe i could go on a holiday before new sem starts :P

oh yeah, i did mention right? i am still a student. rofl. which is good in a way. no worries on getting work (tho i almost got one T__T) a pretty awesome one. but yeah,

its also nice to be a student again. in a way :P

2. faliq topupkan WoW for me, so yeah I owe him RM90. tho he refused to take any money from me, but I SHALL MAKE THAT HAPPEN ONE DAY

3. one day, cos im still broke. sad eh

4. broke2 pon, i park my car inside pavi which means hilang Rm15 each day working. Haha

5. i cant wait to restock the skirts in petite lass (u know, the blogshop w friends)

6. cupcake chic has the best cupcakes ever. im so in love with our (ehems! now that I work there) red velvet, onde onde and back to basic

7. bandung? perth? ireland (lol, tumpang rumah slim ok?), melben? (ada apek) bile nak cuti2 ni? haha

8. i think besides doing designs, i love business. nak bukak kedai!!!

9. baju kurung dah siap. tunggu kebaya pula :)

tho 15mins after mamat tu potong kain, i think my kebaya is rather - tunang-ish kebaya.

10. i miss everyone. esp my friends. my mmu friends. :( i know i'll be seeing some next jugak but i still miss them. D:!!


  1. missh u too bebeh. (walaupon baru jumpa. but but..tak sempat bermesra lol) xD

    ooo..dah ada baju tunang. u dgr ckp kwn u ye? heee hee xD

  2. hahaha. tula. x sempat mesra alam. dang! c yyyyyouuu latehhhhh for a bukak puasa geettttogether! (..konon2 tgh plan)

  3. u owe me nothing. don;t worry :D