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Monday, October 12, 2009

eyes only on you

Do u remember your puppy love(s)?

Well I still do.

When I was in highschool, I hung out with my friends here and there. They were all very pretty inside out. (and they didnt realised that) pffts. gila low profile :P like I said, pretty inside out. tak pernah ade kawan yang perasan cantik. ahhaa. I know I had some awesome friends back then :D (and now as well XD lucky me)

Some guys would ask me their numbers (and I wont be that poyo not to admit that I had that too)

and this particular friend, shes like on top of everyone. very cute, outgoing, says what she thinks, which makes her very likeable or the other way round. but if u really know her, shes someone who you can always count on. and if u walk with her, you can see people staring mcm tak penah nampak orang. memang sangat comel :) - even I had some weird dreams involving her. which, scares the shit out of me sometimes sebab.. u know lah.. i might be.. lesbian yang tak sedar2 diri lagi? Ish ish ish.

one day. a group of us went to this place to eat, and meet up with some guy friends (lol)

the guys introduced to us someone new.
i thought he was good looking and mysterious :D

few days later,
i heard he asked about me.

that was kind of, rare.
because, at that time, I cant remember the last time someone or anyone looked at me and her
and chose me.

(so we dated. for awhile. Hahaha)

and btw, I still have this weird dreams of that girl friend of mine.

thank God I still think Draco's hot! and Milo's drop dead gorgeous.

message of the day:
never let yourself down by thinking that you wont ever meet someone. cos you will. that time will come. it could be someone new, someone uve known for years, or even someone you hate.
that is when, that guy notice you. and no one else. (even when they put Jessica Alba besides you)


  1. some one like me?
    base on your story.. it that "guy" is mell ?

  2. LOL.
    no la.
    what do u mean someone like u? :P