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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


sometimes, when we're mad
its best not to blog em up.
or put them on your ym status
or worse, blog about it and put it on your ym/facebook status


today i mimpi :

i was searching for a way back home. lalu celah2 batu. time tengah sesat-sesat, i saw someone walking towards this path, so i followed him (since he probably tau the way back?) and reached to this huge hole.

surprisingly, that hole was actually 'the entrance' to my study room area, where I can see my pc balek and all.

tibe-tibe, theres this cat, a talking cat, masuk the hole and duduk kat study room ni. and I thought of having her in a show blablabla (sbb kucing cakap kan? rare x)

den suddenly the two kittens (yang i bela skrang ni) mengiau.

that cat heard them and she picked one of them and baling jauh to this spot near my pc. i almost cried. pissed off gile babi. and halau the cat to go away. i said "i dont need u anymore for some shows ke ape. bla bla kau dari sini" .. (well something like that)

then she tried to pick the other kitten, but I cpt2 tangkap.

and finally, berjaya halau the cat keluar. i checked on the first kitten and kene baling tadi...kepala dia berdarah. and dia dah mati.

menyesal gila.

then terbangun. and lekas2 tgk kitten kot2 tu hint ape2 ke..
nasib baik dua-dua still ok.


  1. lol.

    i mimpi almost everyday. and each time mimpi sure pelik.