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Friday, November 13, 2009

saveeee the whalessssss!

reading this at 4am.
the article is debating whether or not we should give up on North Atlantic Right Whale - as trying to save them is expensive.

what say you?


i am no expert in endangered animals and all.
also never an expert in budget / money used just to save them.

i understand those people yang rasa we should give up trying to save them because they're gonna extinct anyway. and better guna the money trying to save 10 other species like.. uh cheetah ke apa.

i think..
if there IS a possibility, if we're doing it the right way ke ape, for them to NOT be endangered,
why not T_T

i may sound selfish lah. cos i dont know things. i know what I feel might not be the smarter way ke ape. cos based on the article, they clearly ade point jugak.
just that,

i tak boleh terima hakikat.
now i dont mind cloning activity.
for real.
just fuckin clone them ke ape one day. collect DNA pe jadah sme tu.

whatever it is.
dan binatang2 lain yang nak dekat pupus!
i need to go sleep.

p.s imagine we have webcam underwater, following wherever the whales go :)
mesti comel tgk dia menjalani kehidupan seharian.

mesti rasa lagi nak selamatkan dorang.
sebab pasal manusia jugak la dorang nak dekat pupus.

patutla dunia ni x leh kekal. kalau kekal, tah ape2 plak la yang boleh pupus


i miss Cubii, and the kittens :(


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