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Thursday, January 14, 2010

bangun awal please

i decided not to sleep for today. nak try adjust my bedtime balik cos sleeping at 9 in the morning and wake up at 5pm macam tak senonoh kot.

"Pintu rezeki tak masuk" kata mama.

betul gak. tak baik woo bangun lewat-lewat. anak dara apa ni. hish!
so..yeah. I better be awake till tmr. Jejetjejet.

anyways.. i stumbled upon a blog. this girl posted something about her new friend. she met her in facebook. and yang bestnye, the new friend is actually a chinese lady who just recently (err i think lah, i tak tau byk. bace sikit2 je) converted to Islam.

based from what I read in the blog, its not easy for her. shes been hiding her interest in Islam for years, esp from her parents. reading what she wrote there actually sangatlah terasa. even orang bukan Islam pun berusaha macam-macam nak belajar lebih mendalam dalam agama kita tapi kita sendiri pon macam endah tak endah.

kan kan kan

kon kon (teringat yamapi)

my first mission is.. to bangun awal! ahaha
walaupun saya seorang vampire, saya kene cuba menghadapi matahari dengan tabah!

i honestly cant wait for melbourne.
nak naik trammmmmmmmmmmm!
nak try makan dessert macam-macam!
nak jalan-jalan tengok orang lain
nak buli apekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
err shopping biasa je. if nak shopping i pegi indonesia lah :D
duit pon tarak nak shopping.


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