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Monday, January 4, 2010

currently watching this

Summary : Nobuta Wo Produce :

nobuta wo produce, a jdorama.

its about Shuji (the popular guy), Kusano (the annoying dude that shuji cant stand) and nobuta. (the weird newgirl)

somehow they came together as partners with one mission : produce nobuta. make her popular, likeable, noticeable.

i like how these three different individuals can relate to each other well, without even the slightest intention of becoming friends - as they started with 1) Kusano making a random suggestion 2) Shuji treats everything as a game and 3) nobuta herself, being so lonely and helpless

later on, i found out that Shuji, despite being popular, likeable, nice and friends with almost everyone in the school, is actually a lonely guy. never really have real friends. hates to be disliked or hated by people. and that is why he acts the way he is in school - by being cool. he even hang out with the popular girl in school so that people would think he's attached to someone tapi sebenarnye he doesnt believe in love.

why waste a fun school life with something that requires heart commitment? why so serious?

and that kusano is a super nice guy, a lil bit weird but hey, that weirdness charms the heck out of me. the way he talks mcm orang tengah high tapi high comel. somehow i think when he suggested the three of them should work together sebab kusano actually tried to be friends with Shuji.

and nobuta, at first i wasnt so pysched of her character (cam terlalu scary for my taste) but lama2 i kind of envy being her. its like she has nothing to lose. shes already way at the bottom that going even 1inch above feels awesome. no pressure. yes its hard to fit in, but why worry when she has the guidance of the two boys. XD two nice boys summore.

basically nobuta is one lucky beetch ~___~ just like Makino Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango.


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