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Sunday, February 28, 2010

i miss you cik farah shasheera

Philip Island

Brighton Beach, Melbourne Australia

i miss boarding on a plane with you, and the first thing we did was checking out the hot guys on the plane

i miss sleeping next to you, woke up, looked at each other and said "best nya tdo. jom sambung. kite tunggu dorang je kejut"

i miss it when we tried to wake somebody up tapi takut.. so what we did was making lots of noises outside their room and hoping dorang terbangun.

the plan didnt work out so

we talked loudly and naik turun tangga dengan kuat, again hoping that they wake up.

still tak menjadi. last2 pergi kejut je.

i miss us when we cudnt decide on one or two gore movies for the night. so we ym-ed two of our movie buff friends Aboya & Wanaf.

i miss taking turns mandi koboi.

i miss our deep conversations and secret sharing

i miss shisha-ing, watching football matches, playing cards with you.

i miss it when we tagteam kenakan everyone hohoho!

i miss us sharing food. hahahaha

i envy you when ure the first one to feed the damn Emu. /salute

thank you so much for the awesome melbourne trip and i hope we can travel togedah again!
you are awesome

ah well.
we both are. HAHA
cewah, cakap macam ni macam x leh jumpa lagi je. hahaha!


  1. omg! sweet gilaa u!





  2. tahu takpe! a journey bring us to someone we never know. I'm glad that my bestie now became your very close bestfriend (yeah sisterhood is cool!). Sorry I have not much time to spend with you guys. Nanti kita ronggeng2 okeyh? Bincang pasal petite sekali!

    sila update lagi! love ya! ;*