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Monday, April 19, 2010

hey ho what else can I hope for?

there is one part of me who cant wait to get the hell out of here.
and that is why, melbourne plan seems like a perfect gateway.
new environment, new people, new life perhaps.

there is another part of me that says i could not.
where else in the world can i find friends like Boy, Shee, Neera, Nue etc?
who i can share everything with.
and that i can trust.

also.. being far away from my family is another big thing.
i tend to keep my feelings to myself and not let it loose for ppl to know & see
dengan kata lain, ego kot.
sedih tapi tak nak mengaku
konon macho tapi sebenarnya tahpape je tu.
marah bila dirindui tapi sebenarnya terharu & tanak sedih je bila tau ade org rindu


tapi tula. this is one opportunity to really be susah and learn from something out of it.
asik hidup ok ok je nanti sampai ke tua mengharap semuanya berjalan lancar
padahal byk lagi bende kene belajar dalam kehidupan ni

this is it!
kalau ade rezeki, ke melbourne lah kami :)
kalau takde rezeki, kene cari plan lain.
first! i need to membetulkan diri sendiri dahulu. banyak bende kene buat dari sekarang.

its a journey to make life even more interesting


  1. i seriously sedih gila :'( but i support apa yg u nak buat.

    nanti i datang visit u ok sayang :*


  2. been there and done that. so i do understand that mix feeling u got rite now and yeah, it's normal for everyone i guess :)

    what i can say is be strong and all the best with your journey!!

    in melbourne we are poor people. bak kata sserizawa.."poor peole are tough, you know"

  3. yup. byk sgt kena belajar dlm hidup :)and yeah melbourne is the best!

  4. I pun seriously akan sedih you. weve known each other in a short while but see, so many wonderful things happenned around us. nanti dah sampai sana xmoh renggang k? me and shee n nunue will come and visit you, mana tau boleh bukak boutique ke kat sana. ahhah.

    kalau you sedih ke lonely ke ape (lonely sangattt) you know where to reach us babe. Love you! Gonna support you everything you do girl, Muahhss! ;*


  6. aww u guyss *sobs
    sedih balek. hahaha tapi yeah i appreciate all the things yang korang ckp kat sini :) ni semua gamble je. and tak sure lagi :) but yeah, if semua jadi, i akan tunggu korang kat sanaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!