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Monday, June 14, 2010

salute project keirei

Boy and I were talking about our "salute" profile pictures and we thought it'll be a cool idea if our friends would do the same thing - make salute pictures. Why not eh? So when he went out to eat (sorry boy :P i tak saba) I decided to make this real. With that being said. I present to you - Project Keirei!

#1 Picture of Boy

#2 Picture of Me

This project is actually inspired by the Japanese series Buzzer Beat - and Riko Chan to be more specific. If you watch the series you'll know why :D So basically, its a friendsite where you salute to whatever you believe in. It could be your partner, you fav team in World Cup, you fav food, your recent success - anything!!

Its as simple as Saluting so please please contribute your picture(s) and complete this sentence

"I salute ___________"

email : ikeireiyou@gmail.com


  1. i'm #12!!
    and i've spread the love too! http://sifarahmislina.blogspot.com/2010/06/project-keirei.html :)

    good job guys!!

  2. thank you Farah !!
    sangat appreciate it :)

  3. Like it Like it Like it muchhhhhhhh!