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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a quick update

I am going to Melbourne, Australia yet again! This time with my partners in crime : Yeen, Nad & Aishah. (yes we were the class skipper, the class latecomers and now we're on our next adventure) ok mengada tak ayat? haha.

Our flight is on the 4th of August 10pm-ish kot. (hopefully takde masalah ptptn) haish. So before leaving... i need to settle some stuff, do more research, print out stuff, buy stuff, meet friends, and umm start packing cos I have less than a week left.

less than a week left.


I am going to miss everyone.


  1. we will miss you sooooo muchos!! do not forget us there:(

  2. theres no way id forget any of u there :( :( korang kwn2 awesome and im so gonna misss youuuuu and the rest of the friends. and miss all the things kita buat before2 ni. i wish we could do that again tapi cam takde masa plak skrang. x pe kite jjummmpa convooo!

  3. T_T

    super sedih but i support semua yg u nak buat :*

    i love youuuuuu bestfriend!

  4. Tolong carikan makwe omputih sepam dua...

  5. omg elyn, i didnt know u nk pegi australia, why u tk ckp mase i saw u kat convo tuuuu T.T

  6. melbourne mmg besh...enjoy ur trip with ur family ;)