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Sunday, November 7, 2010

because its darn special

The weather might not be as cozy and windy as I would like it to be.
I had ayam goreng kunyit but it was just okay.
The girl in front of me in the train had this "ketat" face the entire time and made me feel so uneasy.
The schoolboy did not come to say hello to me today.
I found out that my boss will only pay $160 this week.
I received a call from mr stranger this morning and he asked whether I find him disturbing.
I said no. (I should have just said yes but I am Elynnzo and I am a coward)
I was hoping for him to just bloody give up.
but he asked me out again - bowling this time.

p/s Next time Elynn, dont be afraid to say no when ppl strangers ask for your phone number.
So padan muka sendiri.
btw, hes a cool guy. i je malas kuar and malas bersocial.

Maybe Kak Tini decided not to upah me to do her work this time. (she said she'll email me but theres still no sign of it) - which means no extra ca$h lah.
The internet is still slow.
The bedbugs are all fat, healthy and happy having the four of us as food.

but hey.
despite all these

I love today. I love it love it love it love it simply because its special. and I dont have to tell or explain why.

the weather might not be my favorite .. but the sky is blue. and we're under it. under the same sky.


  1. I just miss reading this blog =)

  2. ohoo tula. ive been neglecting it for weeks. i guess err im back? :P and i missss you! its been awhile :P busy ehhh elelelele

  3. yeah. i miss u too. love the new header.

  4. wooots! hot babe. ;p

    Happy to know that you're happyyyy.. LOVE*