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Monday, April 11, 2011


weyy. its been a while.
i guess its time, for YET ANOTHER (ok bosan dah) comeback. News : Bright Lights at Midnight aka BLAM - is where I work at now. I laavvv it here! woohoo. Anyways, I hope I could be this rajin to show what I wear everyday from today onwards (which i doubt it haha). This is inspired by.. umm ummm.. ok tak ingat.

and this. would. be. my. sim-like mood tab. (err?)

apparently, i should be going to the washroom now tapi tak nak. patut nak berak tapi tak nak la berak kat office. ;/ the final work (down here) is a bit sucky. malas sebenarnye. hihi

latest book read :
The Quran & I - Anas Zubedy - Recommended! Everyone should read this. Even the non-muslims. :)
current task @ Blam : IWRAW 2012 Calendar
#nowplaying Animal Collective - My Girls - from Fauzi Yusoff's mixtape #05


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