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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I talk of dreams

Here goes my dream last night, nothing interesting - super long tapi I kinda like it. haha



We (my family and I) had to take the cable car (orsomethinglikethat) to get to the top of the levitated city. At one point before actually getting into the city, then came a big ugly dragon that would fly us there.

The city was just like any other city (in reallife) just that it lacked.. human. I could see people here and there but they were actually visitors like us.

In the city, there was a shopping mall where we were able to shop without actually paying for it. So we took what we like - for free! At first I was scared to take any of it. But as we were heading back, I ran back to the mall and got myself 3 new vintage bags, one leather briefcase, 1 bottle holder and 5 bird-like mask- and rushed back to my family at the dragon-waiting area.

While we waited for the dragon, I got this news that the dragon could actually eat us. The free stuffs (in the mall) were used as bait to get us (the human) there (the levitated city) regularly.

There will be a time where the dragon could get really grumpy and really really hungry and eat us all. It was a risk, to be there.

However, the next day..

My brother went there, with three of my friends - Syaza Liyana, Alysha Nasir & Nadiah Abdullah. They even recorded video of them jalan-jalan in the city. Its kind of weird cos, my brother was with them. Haha. So I went there as well. ~__~ hoping that the dragon wont hurt us that day.

I woke up, feeling sad that I do not have three new vintage bags and the leather briefcase. I dont care about the other free stuffs. But..the bags...


Time to go out and shop for bags!


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