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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ultimate EPL Fantasy League

EPL Fantasy League stats - Up to week 4, this is where I am at. Not bad eh? :D Asalkan dapat beat Mimi Siku (Fariz!) . Have faith in ROONEY! (and maybe Aguero) haha


  1. nak tukaran link bole tak???
    link awak suda saya pasang silahkan di cek http://ipoenkblb.blogspot.com/2011/04/tukaran-link-yuuk.html

  2. hai salam kenal main balik kat blog saya ok...hehe

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  4. Wahh...layan juga yep Fantasy League nih. Mcm kawan I selalu pinjam phone I sbb nak check status Fantasy League. Tapi I xdaftar pun :)

  5. pergh power nye ranking..kasi tips skit bleh?? i no 200k lebih


  6. walawey . boleh join ke ?
    share kod mai .