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Monday, July 9, 2012

a wife to be

well hello hello hello.

It has been quite some time. Long time. way too long. Ive forgotten about this blog. I used to post loads of things here. Some very awesome stories..and some..well. I cant say Im proud with some. So yeah, no more bitchy, lifes-being-unfair kind of post anymore! 

Ive got some big news for those who havent heard/noticed.
I am now engaged :)

But dont worry. I am still me. I am thankful, sangat bersyukur that I have met someone very different yet very similar. I know that doesnt make any sense but thats what it is. we're different in lots of ways but we share and love similar things in life.  

This is like a new chapter in our interesting-lengthy book! This my engagement chapter is more like an extreme wedding prep. rather than the engagement itself since the wedding is not too far from now.


Pretty scary. yes? no?

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