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Thursday, October 25, 2012

London! i'm in London!

Hello everyone!

Its been a weirdly fun, extraordinary week for me.

I am in London!

I knew I'd be here one day, but not this soon! Thank you to my dearest husband & Motiofixo! for making my dream come true. If its not for them, I'd still be wondering..and dreaming.
So thank youuu :)

I arrived here on the 20th of October approximately at 4.30pm (bertolak from KLIA on the 19th Oct 10:05), the nonstop flight took us about 13hrs. Any longer than that will push the weariness to another level. But the tiredness soon forgotten as we were greeted by Fariz (yay!) at the airport and we took the tube to South Kensington, straight to Albany Mansion (its where we stay at in London).

I think they found this place via Airbnb so its pretty cool. The owners welcomed us with a box of chocolates, napkins & towels (stacked with a ribbon), Bvlgari bath products in each room (i think?) and we can use any of the spices & condiments provided. (and dorang ni macam very into cooking, you can see Jamie Olivers pans and cooking books neatly arranged at one side of the kitchen) .. (pictures sooon!)

We went out again and had dinner at this halal chinese restaurant (GBT 5.50 for rice + topping) in Leiceister Square? (I hope the spelling is right)

Fariz and I stayed at Thistle hotel for the night (his stuffs semua still kat sana and we didnt think it'd be wise to checkout that night)..
We were lucky indeed. The rest had pretty bad experience going back to South Kensington (still not knowing which tube/bus to take) ..

As for now, I really need to use the washroom and I gotta publish this or else nanti lupa pastu hilang.

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