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Monday, February 16, 2009

the opening. of another lame blog. of mine :)

seeing apek's blog updated with his uhh doctor-ish thingy, rasa jeles gile (not becus of the doctor-ish thingy) tp sbb nak bloggggging.

or maybe its cus i dont have anything to do right now? 

so i tried to post something in my blogdrive again, but there seems to be some kind of formatting error - and yes, i did try many many times to fix it - err. okay. not many many but ade la a few times :P - tapi if setiap kali pon sure leceh la kan .


wujudlah ' yet another blog of mine ' 

new.fresh.dan mungkin takkan diupdate sampailah next month.

anyways, valentines day baru je lepas. 
one very cheesy line, just for teh fun.

'if loving you is wrong .. 
i dont wanna be right'Italic

what next? if ure a flower, im the bee? 
"am i dead? cos righht in front of me is.. an angel" 


and people actually use all these creepy cheesy lines. 

or maybe not in Malaysia.

"WEeeeeewit. Sorang je kak long?"

thats.. what u get in Malaysia.

"Alahai sombongnya. Macam cun sangat"

thats what u get if u ignore em. 

ok. dah merepek. 

anyhow, happy vday. i hope everyone had fun. 
on vday, i was lvling my ass of to get to 76. weehuu. 

for the love of the Horde!


i think i should do more doodling - on post-it notes . they sure can give us some inspirations. check out that blog. 
very teh oseemmmmm eh? 




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