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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

batuk sucks.

i love neatorama. 

1. why i would never, ever bungee jumping. 
(not even in Amazing Race..err.. who knows ><) 


the cord might break. 

I heard and saw the snap. I definitely felt the impact, and I was underwater. Once I checked and made certain I could still move and everything was working felt I needed to get out of the water.

read here please. 
yes the guy survived. or I wouldnt have any quote to paste here T__T 

2. Google, please hire me.

cos i love food.

guest chef ? wowowow. 


3. no, we dont need superman, or cicakman (sigh..) 

heres a story of a group of brave young men, freeing 3 stucked dolphins.
why these boys? where were all the big boys whos in charge in some local air department taking care of this? 

kalau nak mintak tolong pon kene mcm-mcm procedure, mampus la dolphin2 tu. bofodofoh. 
sometimes i think gov. department ni skadar nama je. time diperlukan mmg tak boleh diharap.
anyways, congrats to those peeeps with Heart. 

4. kenapa hari ni sgt penat? 


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