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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

letih sucks

when i first bukak this blog.
i said to myself, NO emo post pls elyn. 
(ps. when i meant EMO = emo luar biasa skit) 
hoho. tapi .. wth 

badan = letih.
minda = x cergas

nak bwat ape pon malas

patut ah mama suruh makan vitamin. tapi sendiri asik malas. 
degil je
kan dah rasa.

shit ah. 
pastu rasa sedih. 

damn i need to think of things that could cheer me up.

like cupcakes NOT . that will remind me of work. no no not gonna happen. 
or flea markets. NOT . that will remind me of not having $$ to spend on 
maybe its cho tai tee. :) 




  1. cho tai tee or me? :p
    hang terre noohh *salute*

  2. yep yep. or u :D hahahaha
    terre ape ni tsk tsk.