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Friday, March 20, 2009


i googled on sore throat. cus my batuk is gettin out of control. 
nak telan pon sakit. i feel so cuak. and i looked in the mirror, i saw something weird.
something that could be strep throat.

so i loggged in WoW. hoping that i could find my friend Apex, a soon to be doctor LOL. but he wasnt online. i asked randomly in guild. and Jiro answered me. just found out hes.. uh.. a soon to be doc as well. (oh yeah the guild byk budak medic and bdk engine.) hoho. and he said

strep throat = kidney failure = gg

tapi tu rare

tapi still. wtf.

takot sial

serious takut.



  1. oih im having throat prob as well.
    jom gi clinic ;p
    minum air madu byk2 :D

  2. hahaha amboi2. sempat bahan ye