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Sunday, March 29, 2009

gg as in google girl!

chocolates :) 
bday girl gave us loads of chocos.
ya, mari sama sama menggemukkan diri di pagi hari. 

terima kasih syaza liyana. 

oooh. im blooooggging. 
cus my WoW account has expired. gotta topup or sangap-ing the whole week.
ok minus the sangap-ing. this week is strictly WORK only week. ( PLEASE ELYN IKUTLAH NASIHAT INI)
therefore its a good thing the account is currently expired.

apart from uhmm getting ideas for my fyp (yes im still there...still at Getting The Idea stage.. I know I suck so shadappp you!!!!!!!!) ,

today, i researched on Blood Elf history in WikiWow? 
2. i ebay-ed WoW accounts, found 3 decent accounts around 100USD ~ 300USD 
3. i forumlowyat-ed Spectral Tiger (its a myth.. well at least i considered that as one..) and found 
4. ten celebrities that play WoW, which include Vin Diesel, Mila Kurnis, the tall chinese basketball player, the Home Alone dude, Robbie William? proly. *gasp 


oh he likes fishing IRL. not gaming. well not yet!! 

Tom, you can try fishing in WoW too ya know. :P Its more challenging. I mean, where else can you get killed by an Ally when youre fishing? 

Life isnt just about Quidditch ya know.. theres WoW..

okok back 

5. Googled some random WoW stuff. (yeh, tonight im a WoW Addict) 
6. Found this awesome WoW comics, i recommend all WoW players to read them. (and only peeps with WoW knowledge or u wont understand a bit) itssss uber funny. I Lol-ed the whole time. 
7. Finally got my Survivor S18E01 - took me ages for ONE bloody torrent to complete. Geez!
8. Watched Survivor - Decided not to pick a fav. Cus that might give him/her bad luck. 
9. Im here!



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