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Saturday, March 28, 2009


sore/strep throat nomore :) 
menakutkan je. 

btw. today is syaza liyana's 22nd birthday

happy birthday syaazaa! i hope youre having a fun fun fun day wherever you are. 
semoga happy happy selalu dan sukses ya! 
22 baru. life kene enjoy :) 
mwaaahhhhh i love loveeee loveee yoooooouuuuuuuu.!! 


and, yeah i dah try gune twitter.
Officially, following (cough* stalking) Tom Felton now :)


ahhh. Ive watched Knowing. U know, the Nicholas Cage movie. (beware spoilers! & some you wont understand if u havent watchd this yet. but seriously UBER SPOILERS! DO NOT READ!!)

I thought it was great until the very end. The ending agak cheesy. 
Tho I like the fact that Human actually die here. I mean, youve seen The Day After Tmr etc. They lived. 

The special effects memang terbaik. Seriously, its a 10/10. 
I dont really like the alien part, its predicted but hmm..
and I didnt know Alien drives some old Ford. XD They could have picked some gila osem punya kereta yet they picked that. Geez. 

what I dont understand is the motive of them feeding children with the bloody numbers, when the world is gonna end anyways. Why torture them :( If you nak cilok dorang, just cilok when the time comes. 

and whats with the black shiny stones. no clue.

why Caleb tiba tiba tulis a new set of number? were they even new or just a duplicate of the first set of numbers?
kalau baru, it wont make any sense cos the world is ending in few hours. O_O 
kalau lama, the father shuda just let the boy finish it off dari susah2 pegi sekolah then cari gym and kikis nombor lama dari pintu. 

ahhh maybe its just me, thinking too much. 
i give this movie a 7/10. despite all the confusing things they gave me.. its still a great movie. 


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