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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hello ass

ass = edric. my longtime friend whos in US studying his ass off for tmr's exam.

wait. im not sure of the 'studying' part, but who knows. never heard of him for months. or weeks. aah good luck again Edric.

friends eh. reminds me of some holic friends that I really, really glad i found them. actually, i never expected to get any good, pure relationship out of an online game (where many ppl even fake their gender) but really, 

i miss them too


im gonna miss living in cyber. i hate it when this is my last sem in MMU. suddenly dah habes. baru je orientation kot? wth? the malas bgn pegi class feeling pon sure takde dah nanti. lepak2 in class with fellow MI friends (yes even talking to Raymond about hentai is fun). the journey from class to balekrumah pon best. bahan each other tanpa tapis tapis mcm dah biasa kene. (sian nad) . LOL . but seriously, we have this ODD MI relationship hahaha. 

the fcmers. all the joy n all the rollercoaster events 

and the awesome powsem housemates. the cats. e90b. I gonnah missss :( 


Man Utd menang :) Boohoo Inter. 


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