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Monday, February 23, 2009

movies and history

I think Staffenberg's aide jumped in front of him to protect him from the firing squad - as a show of respect and loyalty to Stauffenberg. It was a futile act, because of course the Nazi's would just kill Stauffenberg on the next round, but it showed the amount of loyalty Stauffenberg was able to inspire in his aide, and how right the conspirators thought they were. It was a very touching moment in the film.

The movie is about the 20th July 1944 Plot to kill Adolf Hitler.
Touching sial (well.. at the very end at least). 
Its always fun to read back history and try to relate them with movies. 
For example, watch Becoming Jane - Kononya about the Book Author, Jane Austen's Love story
or Titanic.
or The Boleyn Sisters? 

these kinds of movies usually relate to true events. So its  Very, very fun to watch. They make you learn something. Make u think as well.. all the morale values (eg. Loyalty, Love) etc. 

So watch Valkryie. and read history.
For more info, Just Wiki 20th July 1944, or you can visit here 
Im so in love with Lt. Werner von Haeften. (see quote. its about him :) ) 


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