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Sunday, February 22, 2009


im a non believer.

wait. i feel like ive heard of that phrase many times before.
a song lyric perhaps?
a song lyric of a song that i always listen to - but never really remember the lyrics well - perhaps?

ahh anyways

as much as i am, a non believer of..


yet sometimes.
when i believe.. or starting to..
or trying to .. or .. whatdehell elyn. ape kau merepek ni.

agak la.
merepek dlm blog best gler kot.

i just wanna blog. of something. hahah.
btw, few days ago, while i was watching choki dkt ruang tamu rumah cyber,
i had this ... ummmm feeling? of.. wanting my own cat.

i might get one if mama kasi permission to bela a cat in our house.

am i really a non believer of...
the L word?


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