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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

fak you lipas

i hate lipas in my car.
and in my room.
or the fact that they..exist.

anyways. pertandingan gamba ninja bermula.
siapa nak bertarung sila y!m elynnzo.
Ada NyO

will post pictures later.


everyone talks about omegle
which is a fun reading material.
its fun! seriously. and bwat i nervous jugak. 
Should I lie? Should I be myself? 
Why be me when I can be someone else?

Well I met some jerks and some really nice peeps.
The wedding boy/girl (yeah its cool when we didnt bother to ask the other person's gender yet still talked alot about things)  


the I-omegle-in-class boy/girl.  from minnesota. if thats even true. ahaha. 


We-have-weed-delivery-in-our-place guy. 


ahhhhh bosan. n mengantuk. will sambung later


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