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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

/tickle Loris

Aaahh. I want a Loris in my life. :) 



Pastu dia cam sedih bila dorang stop geletek.

and this, is a really kickass jump rope performance. 
Gila kappa? Terer gila babun okay. 


and this is a Facebook Manners movie. Sesuai untuk kita semua yang gilakan facebook.

1. Never change your relationship status without consulting the other. :)

Honestly, I hate to use the relationship status in Facebook. Everyone WILL know (well unless you have jari macam lipas kudung - Laju gila tekan notifications), and they WILL comment. Questioning you about everything, tumpang gembira atau pun kasi simpati. 

2. Dont post embarassing photograph of other people. And tagged them.

Like what Mie did to Me. I shall revenge!!!! 

3. ??? See for yourself


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