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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a wasterday

a wednesday, wasted.
i had this draggy dream of _____________ (no its not 18sx or something. I just cant remember now.) and woke up pretty tired (not because of the dream!! NO ITS NOT SOME PERVERTED DREAM!) 

I thought It was 12pm. 
12pm MY ASS.
It was 5. 
5 PM. 

5 Bloody PM !!!

Lagi 2 jam dah jadi malam. Kalau tdo lambat takpe gak. Ni tido pukul 5. Patut bangun awal la sikit. 
12 jam tido lama gila weh. Dah la sangat excited for Wednesday. No class, WoW awesome, Gamepath dah ade so tak lag. Boleh buat daily. 

Las-las bangun pukul 5. 

Thats not it.
I woke up, tekejut pukul 5. then tekejut lagi.
My pc suddenly ada banyak virus.
And again, its Haha.js Virus. Couldnt doubleclick any Drives without the annoying Haha Popup. and My google chrome rosak entirely. Cant even run the installer when I tried to install it again. 
Its not just Haha.js virus tho, I know byk lagi ade. 


Removing Haha.js was pretty easy. You can just download this remover and it will automatically hilangkan Haha. Tapi later, I couldnt see my desktop dah. I had to run Task Manager and Open explorer.exe manually. 
And since Google Chrome Installer pon tak boleh (and I LOVE Google Chrome! I cant live without this browser ><, So I system restored like 3 times.

1. The first time didnt change a thing. (maybe cos I picked just 2 days before yesteday punya restore point so takde kesan sgt ah)
2. Second time bole tahan la. But I had 1 major problem with the second restore point - No WoW newest Patch = Had to repatch WoW = Tapi tak boleh. Sebab ape mende tah. 
3. So I System Restore again (yes, WoW punya pasal. Dem ah) - Yay! WoW dah berjaya

Sempat masuk 1 dungeon. Siap wipe 3 kali. Bodo nye group. 
Tapi takpa. While doing the StormPeak Daily, something RARE appeared when I clicked the daily quest reward.
Reins of the White Polar Bear Mount. 
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to summon this mount.  
This is a very fast mount.

This is how she looks like :) 
The Character in here isnt me tho.
Main Wow lagi. Sambung daily kat Scholazar Basin.
Sambil-sambil tu.. 
On Kaspersky - Suruh dia bwat kerja untuk pertama kali (probably why virus2 masuk dengan senang lenang. Sbb sendiri malas nak buat benteng)

Pc logout. Tibe-tibe.
Chill dlu.
On je balik

Faker betul tak boleh masuk Windows balik.
Each time I tried to log into my username - They logged me out back.

Untuk dipendekkan cerita
I formatted my Windows again. 
And now I am WoW-less because my WoW folder was in my C: drive. And since I tak boleh masuk my windows, I cant back up my WoW folder dah. (Even safe mode pon tak boleh tolong)

Nasib baik Man Utd menang! 
Rooney & Carrick FTW 

btw, Have a safe and awesome trip to Jakarta (again XD), Mama & Abah!
Cya on Monday! 


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