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Friday, April 24, 2009

thanks so much

friday, the 24th.
he was lucky. and loved.
and he is on his way to Singapore thanks to the WHOLE family. Esp Mama & Abah la.
also to the peeps that helped us.

Boy, hang memang bertuah.

special thanks to another Faliq for being our 5hours driver. He came all the way from Seremban to KL then to Putrajaya, then drive another 30mins to KLIA, then back to Putrajaya and lastly balik KL again. Thanksssss so muchhhhhhhh. Really la the job of a Warrior and a Paladin :P LOL.

Have a fun and safe trip Mama, Myra & Boy! Enjoy Singapore. Sorry I cant go. :(
Have a fun and safe trip also to Abah, Ayahngah & Ibungah! Enjoy Jakarta, altho Jakarta is like your second home already.

Dang. Maybe I should have just followed them to Singapore


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