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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ha! im so


i have spanish this sem. its for my koko, which is wajib or I cant graduate. 
i skipped spanish a class before midterm holiday (ni belum masuk awal2 sem). i skipped 2 classes after midterm holiday.
so today pergi, decided not to ponteng again la konon nya. attendance itu penting.

alih-alih ade quiz.
well it could have been a darn lucky day, cos datang class time ade quiz.. 
its a fucked up day la for me. (and Nad) 
tak tau ape mende. tak ingat ape pun. macam mane nak jawab

format kuiz dia, (example dlm Malay la kononnya) 
Isi tempat kosong dengan kata adjektif atau kata hubung.

1. Ali ______ Abu adalah rakan baik sejak sekolah. (kata adjektif/kata hubung)

this is how I answered my spanish quiz

1. Ali kata hubung Abu adalah rakan baik sejak sekolah. 

.. wtf

basically, I thought the words in the bracket were the answers. 
when its just a hint/clue of what we should use.
The lecturer must be laughing his ass off by now. Or just right after I handed over my quiz paper. 
This is what I get for skipping too many spanish classes.

GahhH! I'd rather have 0 attendance than getting 0 mark for this quiz. 
Padan muka sendiri ><

before datang class, check paper Star, bace under today's horoscope ke ape and check if its my lucky day ke tak. 
I think Im skipping the next class.


  1. HAHAHAHA. I did the SAME shit during one of my French tests! Monsieur Fino (my teacher) actually rolled his eyes at me when he gave me back my papers! LOL.

  2. i feel really stupid maaannn.